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4 deviants said PartyTail
3 deviants said The MRTV Host
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Welcome one, welcome all, to my splendiferous deviantART story! Let me take you through my journey, from my first steps as a deviantARTist to where I am today, in an extremely long, boring and not very well-explained way! (A.K.A. I want this badge.)

So, let's go back in time to 2010, when I stank like a wet sock!


PartyTail by Anko6
    Ah, 2010, a time of recolouring Sonic characters for OCs and not really doing anything on dA! And I posted an amazing 1 devitation of a cruddy looping animation, wow!
    This was a truly disappointing time, let's move on.


Rocketing to sure DOOM. by Anko6 Rainbowa and Stars by Anko6 The TDI Meme: Anko6 version by Anko6 The 1st place BFDI fan entry by Anko6
    Now we're in 2011, where I only posted 5 devitations, 2/5 of them being my recoloured character again. We also had two deviantMURO drawings, and apparently at this point, I still had close to no friends on dA. Still, it was close to this time that I discovered Battle For Dream Island, and that's where I really started to make some friends and gain a little more popularity with my fan art contest entry! Still, 2011 wasn't too interesting in all honestly, so let's continue.


Klide the Totodile by Anko6 :PP-DA: App- Jason by Anko6 My app for Deviant Crossing! by Anko6 Shawn and Randy by Anko6  BFdAI Contestants by Anko6Inanimate Insanity FanArt Contest Entry by Anko6 Rashimon 001- Dinorex by Anko6 Poke Wrestling: Abomasnow VS. Abra by Anko6 Muns in REAL LIFE! by Anko6 Art Summary 2012 by Anko6
    2012, my first year of actually being pretty active! In this year, I grew a liking for Pokémon characters and I discovered RP groups, the first ever being PKMN-Crossing. I made the most Mary Sued character ever, oh my gosh, even now I cringe. Fortunately, I didn't make it in with that monstrosity of a green Totodile; if any of the PKMN-C mods read this, thank you for declining my application, I mean it.
    As you could imagine, my RPing wasn't very good at first since I was so new to it, so I started to try making RP-based groups and I tried applying for other groups. Though it didn't work out well at first, I managed to get into two groups, PokéPark-dA and deviantCrossing, though I sadly don't use Jason or Klide anymore. Still, I had a great time in the groups, and I definitely learned a lot during my times there. Also, I started two groups, one being Total-Pokémon-Island, and the other being Battle For deviantART Island! Though neither of them are exactly RP-based and are more competition-based, I still have a lot of fun running them, and I'm pretty sure the members enjoy the competitions, too!
    Also, throughout the year, I gained more popularity in the object community with my Inanimate Insanity fanart contest entry, I spammed everyone with Rashimon and Pokéwrestling, and I did multiple collabs with my good ol' friend Jompie! I think that just about wraps up 2012, let's continue!


Aaron the Rhydon- Pokemon Armonia App by Anko6 Mini Reality TV Poster by Anko6 Survival of the Anthros Group Picture by Anko6 BFdAI Season 2 Contestants by Anko6 The TPA Team by Anko6 Art Summary 2013 by Anko6
    Hooray, 2013, now we're getting to the more modern and less disappointing times of Anko6 on deviantART! By this point, PokéPark closed down, but then I discovered Pokémon-Armonia, and so Aaron the Rhydon was born! I was really pumped when I was accepted, and in Armonia, honestly, I've made some of the best RP friends I could ask for. Thanks to everyone who's RPed with me and supported me since I joined, it really means a lot! :)
    Also, this was a pretty comicy year for me, since I posted two comics of mine to deviantART! One, which is basically all of my elementary school doodles, called Mini Reality TV, and the other, one I worked really hard on for a whole summer, Survival of the Anthros. I still work on both today (though I'm not still in elementary school XD), though SOTA remains to be at a much higher standard than MRTV.
    And to wrap things up with a nice colourful bow, season 2 of both Total Pokémon Island and BFdAI started in 2013, yay for that! :D Now, let's move to the best and most current year of all, 2014!


Vincent the Gabite (Amie-Academy Application) by Anko6 Rebecca Miller- St Mortiel Application by Anko6 Hunter Jackson- Pokemon-Despair App by Anko6 Ashley- deviantCrossing Application by Anko6 Vincent Cooper- St. Mortiel Application by Anko6 BFdAI Season 4 Contestants by Anko6 Unikitty (from the Lego Movie!) by Anko6 First Flash Animation by Anko6 Virgil the Sableye by Anko6 Survival of the Anthros- Chapter 2 Cover by Anko6
    Finally, 2014! Wow, I realize that this year was a big year for me character-wise, look at all of these new faces! First, we have Vincent the Gabite from Amie-Academy, and I got to have a few great RPs there, but sadly the group came and went, so I had to leave Vincent in the cold for a while. Rebecca the Purrloin from St. Mortiel came soon after, though, and she's still a lot of fun to RP with since I haven't RPed a character so zany before! Meanwhile, we have Hunter the Servine, who's still in the running to get into PKMN-Despair but is settled in nicely to Hope's Peak Academy. The last new character in 2014, and my most recent character, is Ashley the Spotted Salamander, who is easily the cutest and the most shy character I've ever RPed with. However, soon after, Vincent makes a comeback and joins St. Mortiel, him being my first Second Character in a group! Boy, I've made a lot of diversity amongst my characters.
    Now that I can breathe after all of the character jazz, let's get to some other stuff! This year, BFdAI entered it's fourth season, season 5 sign-ups soon to begin on the 9th! I also managed to get my Unikitty fan art very popular since the Lego Movie came out, and near that point, you could even find it as one of the top results on Google Images if you searched "Unikitty"! I also managed to make an animation with Flash, make a sneak-peek character for Total Pokémon World Tour (Virgil the Sableye), and I even began SOTA chapter 2, which still takes a heck of a long time to make!

*exhales* Okay, I'm tired after typing all of that, but we've finally made it to today! To anybody who's actually cared enough to read this far, I shall give you a Big Orange Chicken badge of honor! Wear it proudly! :BOC: by Anko6
Oh yeah, and that icon apparently became popular on dA, I get notifications of people using him all the time. XD

What would a journal like this be without a few friendly thank yous to some people, though? I've honestly met so many people and made so many new friends on dA, it's almost heartwarming as I don't get this same range of people to interact with in real life.

:iconwillowpillow25:, :iconstretchyundies: and :iconshutupvaldez:, I'd like to thank you three for being such great individuals and friends, and also for reminding me that I'm not the only person in this world who goes on dA. XD
:iconjompie:, I'd like to thank you for the fun we've had with our collabs and for the interesting conversations we've also had. I still watch you, and I'm still a fan of all of your Munnen drawings! :D
:iconsoveryunofficial:, I'd like to thank you for being such an inspiration, and also for being my first inspiration I've met in real life!
:iconamberdragonling:, I'd like to thank you for being a friend to me in Deviant Crossing, I'm always able to have a laugh with you despite how silly our conversations may be. XD Hail Grassus.
:iconziiachan: and :iconflashikku:, I'd like to thank the two of you for keeping up with Total Pokémon Island; you're both assets to the group, and you're also great friends to me, so I don't think it'd be quite the same without you guys!
:iconautumnpalette:, I'd like to thank you for being a great friend, RPing with me and giving Aaron somebody to call a best friend; without Zane, I don't really think he'd have anybody he's really interacted with much. XD I hope we can RP more in the future, though!
:iconbleachamara:, you're a great friend, and the first RPer I've ever done a shipping RP with! To this day, I still think Klide and Amelia are adorable, and I thank you for all the RPs you've done with me since then! ouo
:iconjoltiii:, I'd like to thank you for RPing with me and helping Aaron develop. RPing with you is really fun, and I know that you've impacted him with Audrey, so thanks for helping create such a cute ship! C:
:iconreplaylive:, you've helped Vincent develop since he was introduced to and was sadly separated from Jordan, but it was still really fun to RP them while Amie Academy was alive! I think that you're a good, loyal friend, and I definitely enjoy RPing with you!
:iconscoiipedes:, even if we haven't known eachother for the longest time, I'd like to thank you for RPing with me; it's lots of fun RPing our characters, and I hope that we can continue to do so for a while! c:
:iconflareontheflareon:, I'd like to thank you for being the best furry friend I have! Honestly, it's great to have a friend who's into anthros and objects, and you're definitely a great person! I love your drawings, and I continue to look forward to Ultimatium! :D
:iconxanyleaves:, :iconanimationepic:, :iconthetgrodz: and :iconteenchampion:, I'd like to thank you four for being my best friends in the object community; I think you're all amazing animators and writers, and I look up to you all for being such inspirations to young animators! :)
:iconvxdka:, I'd like to thank you for being such a great friend and RP partner, I really love it whenever we talk and RP since you always cheer me up with your words. XD Your personality is similar to mine, I find, and I don't meet many other people like that, so thanks for always being there! C: (Also, thank for helping create the most adorable ship the universe has ever known. Jashley 5ever. 8D)
:iconyoshinx:, I'd lo thank you for just being such a great friend. We've shared lots of laughs, and I love it whenever I get to RP with you since the personality and effort you put into your words is always entertaining to me. I know that I can always talk to you whenever I'm feeling bored or lonely, and I think that you have a really great personality. I'd like to thank you for helping me meet a few of the other Armonians and for encouraging me to engage myself with RP groups more like with the chats and Twitter; without you, I don't think I'd be as active in RP groups as I am now, so really, thanks a bunch!!! C:

WOW, that was a long journal. Since I'm sure I've missed a few people, I'd just like to thank all of my fans, followers and friends for being so great to me, it's amazing how far I've come since I first joined! In April 2015, I would be on dA for 5 whole years, so I look forward until then! :D


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I like Pokémon, Anthros, Total Drama and definitely BFDI! I'm the animator of the web series "Brawl Of The Objects" on YouTube, and I also draw comics and other cool stuff on deviantART, so please take some time to check out my stuff! :)

I am a Charizard!

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:iconthetauche: is awesome for doing this: Rashimon Tini Pixel Request by thetauche
:iconflareontheflareon: is awesome for doing this: Anko6 by FlareonTheFlareon
and this: SOTA Group Picture (Art Trade for Anko6) by FlareonTheFlareon
:iconstretchyundies: is awesome for doing this:
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