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Which of my characters is your personal favourite? 

55 deviants said PartyHat
12 deviants said Vincent the Gabite
9 deviants said Other (Please comment!)
6 deviants said Aaron the Rhydon
5 deviants said PartyTail
5 deviants said Jason the Machoke
5 deviants said Slushie
3 deviants said The MRTV Host
1 deviant said Klide the Raccoon
No deviants said Jack the Lion


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:new: Alright, the deadline has been reached, meaning sign-ups are now closed! Thank you to everyone who signed up, I'll really put my all into this so it'll be something we'll remember for a while! C:

Megaphone !!!ATTENTION!!! Megaphone
This journal is directed only to the members of :iconstmortiel:. If you are not a part of this group, please move along and disregard this journal.

Hello, members of Mortiel! If you don't know me already, I'm the owner of Vincent the Gabite and Rebecca the Purrloin, both in Mortiel. What some of you may not know is that I animate for a hobby, and that I've recently become a big lover of the Dangan Ronpa series. Even from the beginning when I first established my love for DR, I was always curious as to how the students at Mortiel would react if they were put in the same position as the Hope's Peak Academy students. Well, this idea has been growing on me for a while, now, and I've finally decided that I'd try to realize it a little more.

So, here's what I'd like to do for the group; I want to make a fake Dangan Ronpa intro with St. Mortiel characters!
(To any of my object fans who kept on reading this journal even after I wrote the notice at the top, don't start lighting your torches and raising your pitchforks just yet; BOTO is still being worked on, this is just a little something I'll be doing on the side for deviantART.)

The title of this project will be "DanganRonpa: Murder At Mortiel!". Ironically enough, I hadn't checked what the most recent St. Mortiel journal was titled before finishing making a logo for this project, as the journal was also called "Murder at Mortiel". I don't want to have to make another logo, though, so I don't imagine there'll be much of a problem if I just keep the title that way. xD

This'll be animated with Flash, and I'll be creating all of the graphics. I haven't animated much with Flash so far, but I've gotten the hang of it enough that I think I'll be able to make it look decent enough. The quality of the animation will be similar to the quality you can see in the gif above, though the gif exporting made it look a little crummy with all the pixelly shading; the flash version will be a lot smoother-looking, don't worry xD. Of course, I'm also trying to keep the animation style similar to the kind of style there is in the game's cutscenes, so I won't be doing anything over-complex.

Now, how can you get your St. Mortiel character into this project? Well, it's really simple! All you need to do is comment with the name of your character, what your character's SHSL (Super High School Level) would be, and a picture of your character. For the picture, I'd prefer to have a reference with your character's casual clothes rather than the uniform, as there wasn't any dress code in DR, and I just think that a variety of clothing would make the fake intro more interesting. Of course, if you've filled out the Wardrobe Meme, I'll be glad to accept that for a reference if you specify which outfit your character would like to have.

Now, I'd just like to make this clear; there's no cost to this if you want to enter. This is all out of my own free will, as I've really wanted to animate this for a while, now.

Since including every single character in the group would take forever, though, I'm going to add a cap, and make a rule for people with second characters. For those with second characters, you may only choose one of your characters to be a part of the intro; it'd be a little unfair to those with only one character if you got to have two.

Now, for the cap, I've decided I'll have a maximum of 30 characters in the intro. The sign-ups to have your character in this project will end a) when 30 characters have been submitted, or b) on Wednesday, September 10th at 12:00am EST, if the cap hasn't been met. As for when the project will be completed, I can't give you any date for that; I'll try to get it out within a reasonable time, though. So, don't be shy! Comment away, Mortielers! Also, if there's any questions you want answered about this project, I'll gladly get back to you as soon as I can. :)


1. Vincent Cooper the Gabite, SHSL Lifeguard (Anko6)
2. Lucas Kensington the Luxio, SHSL Baseball Star (Yoshinx)
3. Evelyn Meyers the Dunsparce, SHSL Statistician (animose)
4. Ashlyn Embers the Persian, SHSL Valedictorian (leesker)
5. Ari Mattis the Monferno, SHSL Graffiti Artist (Emboars)
6. Amity Briarose the Mienshao, SHSL Gymnast (Berryeon)
7. Fredrick Callen the Minccino, SHSL Actor (RosieSakura)
8. Maria Brown the Clamperl, SHSL Bookworm (gaper4)
9. Kai Raiden the Sharpedo, SHSL Swimmer (ScoIipedes)
10. Collette Viridian the Pikachu, SHSL Food Connoisseur (Heatheru)
11. Blitz Bliema the Sneasel, SHSL Sketcher (Sanshain321)
12. Amelia Grey the Meowth, SHSL Gamer (LuckyRyo)
13. Enoch Oswald the Furfrou, SHSL Grand Pianist (AutumnPalette)
14. Verith Viridian the Treecko, SHSL Ninja (CadeMadDog)
15. Dmitri Aurum the Espeon, SHSL Dungeon Master (ferdenandrew)
16. Jin Nakhara the Mienshao, SHSL Martial Artist (KeIdeo)
17. Juliette Bisset the Lilligant, SHSL Violist (wolf-fang-finny)
18. Jodie Leclair the Lanturn, SHSL Ghost Hunter (Azulona)


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