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Ashley- deviantCrossing Application by Anko6 Ashley- deviantCrossing Application by Anko6
WHOOP, going for a fourth group now, this one being :icondeviantcrossing:. XD Yes, I know, I'm crazy. I couldn't give this group up, though...! It was revamped by the wonderful HERthatDRAWS (who I am very thankful towards as dC was, is, and will continue being a great group XD), and I couldn't help but to try my luck in entering again! I know, Klide's still my adorable favourite raccoon on dA, but I felt the inspiration to create a character with a personality I'm new to, so now I introduce to you... Ashley the spotted salamander! :D Enjoy!


June 15th

Spotted Salamander

Normal / Shy

Ashley is generally a shy person who is unsure of herself in most situations, and doesn't like being the center of attention at all. She often blushes when she's singled out as she was never the best socially when she was young, but this doesn't mean that she's a wallflower. Despite her shyness, Ashley always tries to involve herself and to have fun, and is almost always willing to try new things, though this has sparked a bit of a curiosity trait in her. She is a very friendly person, and will gladly show that side of her to new people, but she's more of a speak-after-spoken-to kind of person. She tries to be open-minded about other people's opinions and views, and tries to be optimistic about life and other things. Meeting new people is a bit hard for her due to her timid nature, but some days she might feel more social than others. Still, even if she trusts new people she meets, she has a secret she's a bit ashamed of that she keeps to herself and her family. This is a pretty big secret of hers, but she's learned to keep secrets better because of this, as well.

     Ashley was born and raised in a small town with her parents, both her mother and her father being spotted salamanders like her. When she was born, her grandmother had made a green and yellow scarf for her, and she always loved burying her face into it's warm, soft texture. She was home-schooled for a good portion of her childhood, so she didn't have the best social life. Still, she enjoyed going to neighborhood parties and town festivities that went on, even if she was timid around so many people in one area. Always having been a curious child, Ashley listened to the radio and read the newspaper quite a bit, and though most of her favourite activities were indoor ones, she also liked to inspect bugs outside.
     It was when she'd grown up a bit more when she realized that she wasn't so attracted to the opposite gender, but instead to her own. Not knowing what this meant, Ashley became even more unsure of herself, though she felt the need to tell somebody about this. Not even knowing what 'coming out of the closet' was, she told her parents, who educated her about homosexuality in people. Ashley was sure that this was what was going on, and though her parents weren't all for the idea at first (especially her father, who really wanted their family genes to be passed down), they still adapted, knowing that this was what made her happy. Ever since Ashley identified herself as gay, she's acted perhaps a bit less shy, and has even gone to trying different kinds of clothes, even beading together a rainbow bracelet for herself at one point to symbolize her new orientation. She managed not to be ridiculed by others in her home town at the time, besides some rumors of people thinking she was odd or different, both of which she didn't want to be.
     When she'd finally grown up enough, Ashley decided that she might move from her hometown in search of some new people to form relationships with. She felt that she didn't really fit in with the people in her old town, and her parents were supportive of her idea to move away, so Ashley read a few billboards and soon came across a flyer for a new town that was being built; Hemlock! Inclined to move there, Ashley packed her stuff and said her (long) farewells, going onto the town's bus with great hopes of moving to this interesting new place.


"We can only try our best, and that's all that matters...!"

Map section:

-Her favourite colour is pink.
-Her favourite food is cupcakes, her favourite flavour being vanilla.
-Her favourite drink is iced tea.
-She will only tell her deep secret to people that she feels very close to, as she finds it quite embarrassing to share.
-Romantically, she's not one to make out for hours or anything like that; she prefers more lovey-dove nuzzling and snuggling.
-She has a tendency to bury her face up to her mouth in her scarf when she's shy or blushing, as she remembers feeling that same comfort when she buried her face into it when she was little.
-She doesn't like to go swimming much, as she's a bit nervous of people seeing her in her swimsuit.
-At Christmas time, the sight of mistletoes make her blush; she'll probably end up near-fainting if anyone ever kissed her under one.
-She doesn't like delving much into fashion; she doesn't like to wear long dresses or jewelery or anything fancy along those lines.
-The two spots on top of her head are a tad more orange compared to the yellower ones on the rest of her body; this is a feature of spotted salamanders!
-She wears fake eyelashes.
-Has a tender nose, but has a good sense of smell; due to this, she gets sore noses and nosebleeds easily, but she can smell and identify a wide range of things. This is also why she wears a band-aid on her nose, as her nose can easily get stuffy during the wintertime or in cold weather.
-She's a bit shy about the subject, but she will definitely tell people that she's homosexual if they ever got curious/suspicious enough to ask.
-She claims that she's gay, but she occasionally looks at boys a bit, too.
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