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Rebecca Miller- St Mortiel Application by Anko6 Rebecca Miller- St Mortiel Application by Anko6
New OMG I MADE IT IN! :D (Big Grin) To anybody that's a part of St. Mortiel, please, don't hesitate to note me for an RP! I won't turn you down, cuz OMG I want to RP with Rebecca a lot!!! XD

Introducing my first female character, Rebecca the Purrloin! :D (Big Grin) Yes, I'm trying out for another group as poor Klide the Raccoon's group was shut down, but I've had this cute idea for a girl character for a while, and I'm glad I can finally show her off in a group! The group I'm trying to get her in to is the lovely Pokémon RP group :iconstmortiel:! I hope you guys like her, and I hope I make it in!!!

Bullet; Red Name: Rebecca Miller (Nicknames: Pocket, Rebs)

Bullet; Black Age/Birthday: 14 / January 24th

Bullet; Red Gender: Female

Bullet; Black Pokémon (#---): Purrloin (#509)

Bullet; Red Ability: Unburden

Bullet; Black Nature/Summary Characteristic: Quirky / Impetuous and silly.

Bullet; Red Height: 5'1" / 61"

Bullet; Black Weight: 89.2 lbs / 40.4 kg

Bullet; Red Type 1: :icondarktypeplz:

Bullet; Black Type 2: None

Bullet; Red Hometown: Icirrus City, Unova

Bullet; Black Personality: Rebecca is a very up-beat and social girl, normally with a lot of energy she's just dying to express to people. She is very extroverted in public (e.g. at school, the mall, etc.), but can also be calm and perhaps a bit introverted in more private places and situations (e.g. her bedroom, when she's on her phone, etc.). Rebecca is always willing to make friends, and will try her best to be a good friend with her cute voice and her enlightening attitude. However, she's developed a habit of being very nosy at times, curious about many things and even reaching her hand into other people's pockets if nothing else is happening and she's feeling bored. Rebecca can also be a bit clingy when it comes to friendships- especially for people who aren't the most fond of her, they might find her a bit annoying and hard to shake off. Rebecca was never the best at battling, and in a way, she doesn't want to be- she's not one to fight a lot, and she'd much prefer to be cozy and comfortable in her everyday life. She also may not look it, but she's also a very organized person- she likes to have a lot of pockets so she can store (almost) everything she needs for school, and has grown a habit not to just stuff anything in certain pockets- some are paperclip pockets, pockets for loose change, candy pockets, pockets for interesting stuff she finds on the ground, etc. Overall, she tries her best to be a good friend, and to always have a jumpy and spirited attitude.

Bullet; Red History:
     Rebecca grew up in Icirrus City (Unova) to two loving parents, David (a Houndoom) and Marissa (a Liepard). Rebecca was the middle child of three, Kirstie being her older sister (also a Purrloin, 16 years old) and Brandon being her younger brother (a Houndour, 11 years old).
     David worked as a dentist, and was a skilled one at that, so he made most of the money for the family. Marissa was more of a house wife who spent her time looking after her children, but she didn't mind being at home all the time as she wasn't one to go out a lot, anyways. Though David out to work every day, he'd almost always come back home before the day ended. Normally, he'd arrive just in time to take care of the kids when they were being sent to bed, as he helped them brush their teeth when they were younger. David also regularly practiced the ways of Arceus, and taught his family of the morals and values of the Arceist faith.
     Kirstie is your average bratty teenaged girl and older sister- always shutting others out of her room, wearing a lot of makeup, talking on the phone a lot, etc. Kirstie often always chewed gum a lot, and would constantly ask her parents to buy her more (if not, she'd trick Rebecca into doing it). You'll almost never find her without a phone; she's the kind of girl to like being up-to-date with stuff like school gossip. As if this wasn't already a poor enough example for Rebecca, Kirstie has also had numerous boyfriends, sometimes even secretly going out of the house to meet them. Her parents always punish her for this kind of thing, but she's become accustomed to it, so she's almost become fine with punishment, now. As you can imagine, Kirstie isn't one to want to follow in Arceus's footsteps, to her father's dismay.
     Brandon is a bit of an elementary school geek, almost always playing videogames or Pokémon cards or that kind of thing. He lets Rebecca play videogames and card games with him, a) since he has more fun with her than his parents or Kirstie, and b) Kirstie almost never wants to play with him. He doesn't have the best vision, so he needs glasses, but often forgets where he puts them down. The boy doesn't get the best grades in school and also doesn't have a very good memory, but he's almost always high-spirited and willing to take part in activities. He's also generally well-behaved, but will never hesitate to blame Kirstie or Rebecca if he breaks or damages something in the house. He's just about as willing to be an Arceist as Rebecca was, the two of them always listening closely to their father whenever he told them stories about the great Arceus.
     Rebecca's big love for pockets started in grade 1, where she got her first hoodie with pockets on it. She'd play games with her friends where they had to collect the most pebbles before the school bell rang, and she'd often win since she secretly kept some in her pockets as well as in her hands. Though her friends later found out and called her out for cheating, Rebecca was still introduced to the wonderful creation that was pockets. They were so convenient; they could hold stuff for you, and they can go on almost any kind of clothes!
     Rebecca started having fun with pockets a little more throughout elementary school, always having something fun like candy or quarters in them; of course, as you can imagine, this lead to her making a habit out of this, and soon she also became curious about what her friends kept in their pockets. She started sticking her hand into whatever pockets her friends had, which annoyed them (of course), but this was where she gained the nickname "Pocket" in her friend group.
     They were going to middle school, now, and her friends really wanted the hand-in-their-pockets thing to stop, so they recommended to Rebecca that she should just get more pockets of her own. Rebecca considered the idea and liked it, so as soon as she learned how to sew in middle school, she started sewing more pockets onto her clothes. She started with the clothes she had that disgusted her- the ones without any pockets- and sewed pockets onto them like crazy. Fortunately for her, she was good at hand-sewing, but her pants still looked ridiculous with the crazy amount of pockets she added to them. She was teased at school a bit by non-friends due to the extreme amount of pockets she always had on her favourite clothes, and this was really the first time she was ever even slightly bullied, so she had negative reactions which she wasn't afraid to express to her mother. Of course, she got over it, and soon became confident in her fashion choices.
     Now that she'd soon be beginning high school, Rebecca and her parents were having some big thoughts. The year before she'd be changing to high school, the only other Arceist high school in Icirrus City closed down since the school wasn't getting enough students to go there. Rebecca was planning on going there, so the disappointing event made her and her parents begin to search for new schools she could go to. She didn't want to move to a public school system like her older sister was in, so their last resort to keep her in an Arceist school was to send her to boarding school. Rebecca was very intent on continuing her education in the footsteps of Arceus, so after some research, she and her parents discovered St. Mortiel Academy, which seemed like a good place she could reside to. So, with the school year coming to an end, Rebecca sent in her application to the academy in hopes that she'd be accepted.

Bullet; Black Level: 16 18

Bullet; Red TMs/HMs/Egg Moves/Tutor Moves: Sunny Day :iconfiretypeplz:

Bullet; Black School Schedule:
-Geometry I (Math)
-Physics I (Science)
-Ancient World History (Social Studies)
-French I (World Languages)
-Literature and Language (Language)
-Art I (Art)
-P.E. and Health I (Physical Education and Health)
-Religious Studies

Bullet; Red Extra Curricular Activities: Knitting Club

Bullet; Black Extras/Fun Facts:
-Rebecca knitted multiple coloured pockets onto her favourite blue button-shirt, and she's assigned each pf the pockets to have a certain item. The pockets are all arranged in a semi-orderly fashion, the pockets going down the overshirt's arms and littering the front of it.
-She's become talented in sewing after having had so much experience with sewing pockets onto her clothes.
-She's near-sighted and has okay vision, but wouldn't be able to make out small details of things from afar if she took off her glasses.
-She willingly chose to have thick-framed glasses, since she thought they looked more youthful compared to glasses you can barely see the frames on.
-Rebecca isn't the greatest artist, but after having spent time with knitting, she's grown a bit of an interest to doodling.
-Rebecca isn't much of a fierce videogamer; as she was always fine with letting Brandon win at videogames in the past, she'll never mind much if she loses to another player.
-Rebecca doesn't care much about her appearence or what she wears, but she will never willingly wear pants or shirts without pockets on them- she refers to articles with no pockets as "useless clothing".
-Rebecca has sewn together a sort of tote for her school stuff to carry around with her, and she even sewed pockets on the inside of it. The pockets on the inside sides of her tote carry her school supplies (like pencils, erasers, etc.) while the tote (being a tote) can also carry her books and papers for school, as well!
-She has a natural attitude for being energetic and lively; she doesn't drink a lot of caffeine, though others may suspect it.
-She can be a bit more shy around boys she's attracted to, since she wouldn't want them to think she's crazy and steer them off right away.
-Her favourite food is Pizza Pockets. By far.
-:new: Her canon voice is now the voice of Yin from the cartoon Yin Yang Yo! (Many examples can be found here:…)

-Partial inspiration for her tendency to curiously put her hands in others' pockets came from these commercials I remember loving from a long time ago:……
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